Corporate Trainings

Boost employees’ cybersecurity awareness with trainings  from Senselearner security experts.

Increased security is the obvious reason why all businesses, big or small, should have employees of all levels learn the importance of protecting themselves and your company from “human exploits” and cyber attacks. Training your employees and yourself on cybersecurity-related safety and best practices will create a sense of empowerment, not only in the office, but remotely. You can assure that your workforce will be confident in the decisions they make when creating new passwords, filtering through suspicious emails or browsing the internet.

As many as 60% of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months. The global average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million. Many compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GDPR and CCPA, and even some insurance requirements, require cybersecurity training for all employees.

Senselearner Technologies provides customized, interactive and hands-on trainings to corporate clients. We help organizations identify, customize and deliver IT Security trainings for their dynamic corporate environment, thus ensuring maximum impact.

We have put together a panel of professionals who have worked on prestigious international projects, presented at the leading security conferences around the world, and written numerous books and articles to provide high-quality training to our corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes.

corporate trainings

Some of the key factors that make us the preferred learning partners for leading corporations are:

  • We focus on completely understanding your objectives for the training – what is it that you want your employees to know and be equipped with to deliver maximum value in their jobs.
  • We then completely customize trainings according to the needs of your organization.
  • We constantly update our training content, and ensure we provide the most comprehensive and cost effective training solutions.
  • Trainings are conducted by expert consultants themselves.
  • We incorporate a progressive learning methodology, which aids the comprehension of techniques and tools alike while facing newer challenges.

Over the past decade, we have done hundreds of corporate training workshops for esteemed customers such as Center Of Excellence Shimla , Shimla University , Sri Sai University, Madhya Pradesh Police, FSS, Amity University , Noida International University, Shiva University Bilaspur, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI),Dubai Government Ministries and Departments, and many others.