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Network Detection & Response (NDR)
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Managed Network Detection & Response Services - Senselearner

An extremely sophisticated add-on module for 24/7 monitoring uses unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) to access the network and analyse real-time network traffic in order to build a complicated understanding of what is “normal” for your environment as it changes.

Data Agnostic

  • Threat detection across entire estate.
  • Everything from laptops, desktops, phones, servers
  • IoT, BYOD and Industrial/Operational Control systems.

Unparalleled Threat Visibility

  • Look for anomalies, in the normal pattern of behaviour for your unique network.
  • Detect all types of threats.
  • Visualize everything from malware to data exfiltration.

Smart Automation & Rapid Response

  • Central support for automation of repetitive processes.
  • Increased accuracy.
  • Shortened recovery time for remediation.

Access to Global SOC & Labs

  • Enriched threat intelligence.
  • All-encompassing world view.
  • With weekly and monthly reports.

Zero Complexity, Low Maintenance

  • We supplement your team and maintain systems.
  • Keep things simple for you.
  • Straightforward to deploy and easy to integrate.

Powerful Technology

  • 24/7 Transparent & auditable collaboration.
  • 24/7 Incident Management, Dashboarding.
  • SLA Management and Customer ITSM integration API.


Learn what is normal for your unique network and detect threats that stand out as anomalous from this understanding. No configuration of pre-set conditions, rules, and signatures, and does not rely on large training data sets.