EC Council CND


The digital transformation of businesses involving a colossal range of devices for various functions such as data collection, storage, integration, management, and computing, has raised alarming

information and data security concerns in all industry sectors. This, in turn, has accelerated the demand for security professionals having expertise in addressing the organizational security needs.

Research shows that the IT and all business sectors would face a shortage of 1.8 million proficient cybersecurity professionals by 2020. Organizations are striving to hire cybersecurity

professionals and investing hugely to get their existing IT security workforce on the most recent technologies, tools and techniques to stay abreast in dealing with potential cyber threats and

attacks effectively.

EC-Council’s Certified Network Defender (CND) is an all-inclusive network security certification extensively designed in view to help to aspire and currently employed security professionals with

utmost skills required to understand, assess, monitor and manage the information security architectures in the organizations. The CND curriculum focuses to instill technical know-how of the network

security technologies in addition to protecting, detecting and responding to various network security concerns. This skills-based, hands-on exposure equipped certification training has been

designed considering various job roles and responsibilities executed by the security professionals, and system/network administrators in the Department of Defense (DoD).

Why CND?

CND Certification and training enables security professionals gain competitive edge with comprehensive skills in all network security aspects to defend the networks with agility. Successful

completion of CND program and passing the certification exam rewards the globally recognized most-sought after CND credentials that not only optimize your career opportunities, but also makes you

lead among peers. CND training and certification from InfoSec Train aims to:

  • Gain upper hand in understanding network and defense fundamentals
  • Identify threats, vulnerabilities and potential attacks with hands-on exposure
  • Learn the incident response and management concepts from the industry experts
  • Specialize in all network security related areas with practical sessions delivered in fully-equipped lab infrastructures

Course Objectives

CND certification exams cover all critical aspects of the information and network security and help the participants gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • Core essentials of networking and modernistic defense techniques
  • Security threats and identifying vulnerabilities
  • Implementation of various network security protocols and controls
  • Defining and implementing security policies in a network infrastructure
  • Defining physical security controls and deploying foolproof authentication techniques
  • Configuring the  host security and process of encrypting the file systems
  • Implementation and management of the Firewall
  • Configuring and managing Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • VPN security management
  • Wireless networks security
  • Monitoring and analyzing the network traffic
  • Network security risks and vulnerability identification
  • Network Incident Response and Management

Target Audience

CND training helps you to excel your role at the workplace, if you are:

  • Network administrator
  • Network security professional
  • Security professional or auditor
  • Site administrator
  • Any individual working towards the enterprise and network infrastructure security



Exam Information

To gain Certified Network Defense credentials, you need to take and pass the CND certification exam.

Certification Name 312-49 (ECC EXAM)
Test Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 100
Test Duration 4 hours