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Are you confident that your employees will not fall prey to phishing attacks? Do you know how to measure the risks employees place on your business if they are unable to differentiate between genuine and malicious links?

Even the Hardest Information Systems Can Be Attacked by Phishing. Understand How to Spot Them.

Real-World Testing

  • Based on latest attack techniques, compliant with recommended industry leading practices.

Bespoke Approach

  • Collaborative approach to execute phishing scenarios that are most apt for the organization instead of generic attack scenarios.

Identify High Risk Users

  • Get complete view into identifying high risk users who could be tricked with phishing attacks.

Managed Service

  • Service is delivered end-to-end by Senselearner Team.

Elevated Cyber Defence

  • Complete picture from certified analysts. Receive recommended security posture enhancements.

Expert Analysts

  • Tailored approach with industry best certifications, OSCP, GPEN, GWAPT, CEH and more.


The two main objectives of our Phishing Attack Simulation are to gauge the level of employee awareness and analyze the level of training required for employees to identify phishing attacks, and to validate effectiveness of preventative controls in place, to be able to detect phishing attacks.