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User Behaviour Analytics Service | Senselearner

As an add-on module, our User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) forms a supplementary layer to your security, to provide complete visibility, detect account compromises, and mitigate and detect malicious or anomalous insider activity.

Real-Time Threat Detection

  • Real-Time Detection of Every Phase of an Attack
  • Leverage Anomaly Detection Platform

Variety of Detection Triage

  • Track Misconfigurations
  • Track High-Risk Applications that can Enable or Obscure a Cyber-Attack

Smart Automation & Rapid Response

  • Central Support for Automation
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Shortened Recovery Time for Remediation

Active Attack Detection

  • Correlate a Threat Certainty Index
  • Automatically Consolidate all Detections and Confidence Scores
  • Reveal Specific Hosts that Pose the Greatest Risk

Data Science Detection

  • Combined Data Science, ML & Behavioural Analysis
  • Reveal Characteristics of Malicious Activity
  • No Need for Signatures

Prioritising Key Assets

  • Receive a Visual Map of Threats, Hosts and Key Assets
  • Ensure an Overall Context of Threats


By using ML algorithms, we categorise patterns of user behaviour, to understand what constitutes normal behaviour, and to detect abnormal activity. If an unusual action is made on a device on a given network, such as an employee login late at night, inconsistent remote access, or an unusually high number of downloads, the action and user is given a risk score based on their activity, patterns and time.

  • ML Learns by itself, based on patterns of user behaviour.
  • Detect Compromised Accounts that have been spoofed, or unwittingly/knowingly had malware installed.
  • Risk Scoring provides a holistic overview.
  • View Access and Activity on protected data. See when data was accessed, why, when and how.